Celebrating 1 year of StrateJEE

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StrateJEE book completes its 1st year!! It gives me immense pleasure to Thank You for making StrateJEE a success. It has helped many students in effective preparation of JEE and stay motivated in their journey.

I look forward for your continued love and support.

--Saransh Gupta



Key Features of StrateJEE:

  • Facilitates systematic preparation of JEE with effective revision technique
  • Strategies to manage Board Examination with JEE Preparation
  • A guide for the preparation of an online format of JEE
  • Guidance and Learning from the journey of JEE toppers
  • Techniques of  Effective Management of time for all the three subjects
  • Provides a glimpse of Life at IITs

About Author

Saransh Gupta sir has mentored thousands of students. Under his guidance many students have fulfilled their dreams and got into premier institutes.


What People are saying about StrateJEE

“If you are looking for a mentor to guide you in JEE preparation, this book is for you.”                                                                   -- Sai Sandeep Reddy, AIR-1, IIT-JEE 2013

“StrateJEE is an essential tool for systematic preparation of JEE and get most out of your hard work.”                                          -- Arpit Maheshwari, AIR-2, IIT-JEE 2006

“This book prescribes methodological solutions to the exact problems faced during JEE journey. A must have book!”                      -- Pratik Poddar, AIR-3, IIT-JEE 2006


StateJEE is available on Amazon : bit.ly/Stratejee

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