Raja Ram Mohan Roy - Pioneer of Indian Education

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Raja Ram Mohan Roy is called as Father of Modern India, due to his huge contribution in social and education reforms in India. he was a great scholar and educationist who was well versed in Sanskrit, Persian, English, Arabic, Latin and Greek. He believed that English education is important for the d...

Edward Anthony Jenner - Father of Immunology

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Edward Anthony Jenner known as "father of Immunology" was an English surgeon who is famous for the discovery of the smallpox vaccine. Around 18th century, Smallpox was widespread with occasional outbreaks of special intensity resulted in a very high death rate. He developed a primitive form of vacci...

Johannes Kepler - Astronomer that went against conventional wisdom

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Johannes Kepler was an astronomer, astrologer and a mathematician from Germany, regarded as one of the most influential person of 17th century in scientific revolution. He was the one who discovered the three major Laws of Planetary Motion, which are as follows: The planets move around the sun in or...
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