Boost your Class 12th Preparation with Top IITian Faculties of KOTA!!

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Do you have Backlogs or some Topics left unread in Class 11th?? Is your 11th Weak!!!

Actually, this is a usual problem every JEE aspirant who is moving from Class 11th to 12th.

By reaching 12th ,you will be having both the Board preparation and JEE preparation. So you have to Prepare accordingly for Class 12th.  It's not possible to crack JEE having a weak base, So its very important to have a good knowledge of each and every Topic and eSaral helps the students in achieveing this level of preparation.

Prepare your Class 12th with eSaral and Boost your performance in boards as well as in JEE 2021.

Throughly Revise each and every topics of class 11th by top IITian Faculties of KOTA.

eSaral Mentors will help you in Time management, in tracking performance as well as in creating Personalized timetable for effective Study.

eSaral offers CBT test series. So practice in CBT Mode and improve your accuracy and speed by practicing test series on regular basis.

As seen in most of the students, they do not utilise their (FEB-MARCH)/(MAY-JUNE) breaks and waste them. Instead of this, they should learn and revise their 11th topics in those breaks and make their 11th Weak topic Strong before completely starting their 12th class in a fully fledged way.

Prepare with the best known Faculties of Kota! Get mentored by them and achieve Success !!

Crack your class 12th Boards examination and JEE with flying colors!!!




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