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Have you ever learned from others doubts?

Did it ever happen that you felt shy while asking doubts in your class and instead you asked your friend (Apko aisa lagta hoga mai itne bacho ke beech kaise doubt puchu sab mujhe aise samjhenge ke mujhe kuch bhi nahi aata :P )?? Happens a lot isn’t it?

Here comes the quintessential solution “eSaral Discussion Forum” where you can ask your doubts and get them solved by your eSaral friends. Our teachers are also active on Discussion Forum and they regularly post amazing questions and solve doubts.


Don’t just learn from your own doubts but from the whole eSaral community. In a class you get to know problems of around 50-200 of your friends but here you get to know and solve 1000’s of other people’s doubts. You must have heard “Knowledge gets multiplied when shared”. When you solve these doubts half of the topic is automatically done. This will help you broaden your thinking ability towards a problem.

You don’t have to worry about the authenticity of solution of your friends. Generally, the solutions are approved by eSaral faculty members on a regular basis.

It is a proven fact that you learn the most by solving doubts of others. So, go on and help as many of your friends as possible.

Start using the Discussion Forum NOW. Don’t miss out or your friends might know more than you do!


To use Discussion Forum:

  1. Open eSaral App and go to Menu (on top left corner).
  2. Click on Discussions and start using Discussion.
  3. You can Reply on others discussions by clicking on Comment.

See you there.

Happy learning :)

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